RainyDayMarketing is a performance-based mobile ad network offering solutions for advertisers looking to drive quality, targeted visitors to their apps and mobile-optimized campaigns and for publishers looking to monetize their traffic. We feature mobile traffic sources from all countries, realizing that in today’s advertising environments, clients often need worldwide reach. We are also able to match mobile app advertisers with traffic in any desired country.

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App Promotion

Are you an app developer or studio looking to drive installs to your Android or iOS app? We have a great network of traffic sources ready to help drive users to your app starting today! And with our performance-based CPI (cost-per-install) pricing model, you only pay when a real-life user actually downloads, installs and launches your app…there is no risk to your ad budget, where you are left to wonder if those display impressions or clicks will result in installs. We are MAT, Kochava and AppsFlyer-integrated, so working with us on your CPI campaign is a snap!

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Publisher Solutions

Monetize your traffic with quick, simple integration featuring deep and customizable tracking and reporting using industry-leading platform technology. RainyDayMarketing features hundreds  of direct/agency Android and iOS campaigns with options available for all countries and all traffic types, all while making available to you the best in self-serve tools for the ultimate in hands-on management.

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RainyDayMarketing offers advertiser partners access to worldwide mobile traffic on a performance-based CPI (cost per install) pricing model, removing the risk of paying for impressions or clicks that may or may not convert. In a CPI environment, advertisers pay only when their desired action is accomplished Рan install of their mobile app.  Advertisers work with dedicated Account Managers to determine the traffic types best suited to their needs, and RainyDayMarketing does the rest as a fully-managed solution.

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Drive installs
RainyDayMarketing is fanatical about generating installs of your app. As an MAT, Kochava and AppsFlyer-integrated solution, we will work to deliver the right traffic to your campaign according to your needs.


Let us help
If you are an app developer, game studio or direct advertiser, we’re here for you! We’d love to partner with you on your app rollout to help generate quality installs. We are an MAT, Kochava and AppsFlyer-integrated network and able to work with other tracking systems as well, so working direct is a breeze.


Apps, apps, apps (and more)
At any given time, you’ll find several hundred great top-tier mobile campaigns available at RainyDayMarketing, with a simple self-serve platform interface allowing you to find just the right fits for your traffic model.

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Dedicated account management ensures your campaigns receive the personal attention they deserve.

Innovative Ideas

We want to do what it takes to make you successful! Let us know your strategies and brand goals and we’ll work with you to implement the best possible solution for your needs.

Advanced Technology

Cutting edge industry-leading tracking and reporting technology gives you near-limitless flexibility within your account to fine-tune and optimize to realize the best possible results.

Clear Communication

We’re here to help you succeed as a RainyDayMarketing client or publisher. Our team is available seven days per week to ensure your account receives consistent attention.

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